Building Sustainable Solutions for Organizations

We pride in providing low-cost hi-tech solutions to strengthen visibility, accountability and fundraising strategies among civil society organizations (CBO’s, FBO’s) and private sector in East Africa.

How can we help you?

Do you have a non-profit, running business or idea you would like to bring to life (Go-online) ?


We build high value, responsive and dynamic websites to meet your needs. This includes a payment system to handle your charity donation drives


We build interactive mobile applications with a user-friendly interface for all native programs or businesses including e-commerce, etc.

GIS-Making Maps

We build Interactive maps that create immersive experiences. We take users' maps from a static view to an opportunity to explore,

Documentary Filming

We have a passionate group of thinkers, creators, makers and producers to handle any project type you may have. We make our short films from independent to branded storytelling with content that stands out .

Photography for Advocacy

We help NGO's build large photo banks as a documentation strategy for their efforts. These are used for reporting and digital visibility.

Mobile Surveys Training

We deliver our trainings using a competency-based approach (learning by doing and from each other), interactive discussions, plenary exercises, PowerPoint presentations and brainstorming.


We work within East Africa with an aim to scale up adoption and use of ICT4D in all phases of project implementation

Our Clients

We have diligently supported 1000+ brands and NGO’s to do what they do better!

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

Thank you for choosing to browse our pages! We have an amazing experience working with clients from various walks of life. We hope that you will allow us to make a difference and be part of your story and success.
John Doe
CEO, Acme Inc.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our highly experienced and technical leadership team with rich backgrounds in both humanitarian and private sector will sit down with you to understand how to strategically re-align your ideas for results in whatever field you are in

Ilukol Solomon Lean

Web-project Manager

Joanne Nalugwa

Finance & Strategic Partnerships

Lisa Hoffman​

Director Working Groups